Mill Game


Board Game for 2 Players

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Board-Game for 2 Player from the age of 9 Year approximately

How to Play

Each player receives 9 plugs of the same color. One plays after the other in change by placing one plug at the time, on one point where two lines cross or meet.

Aim of the game is to be able to put three plugs in one line, which then is called “Mill”.

If this is achieved, the person who has the “Mill”  is allowed to take out one of the other players plugs- but not one of those plugs which are involved in a line of three.

At the point when all the plugs are placed on the board, one begins to move them. This means one person after the other shifts one plug from one point to another. “Jumping”

Is not allowed, only moving on the lines from one point to the next at the time. It is still the goal to produce lines of three, “Mills” when having one, the player is allowed to “Steal” any of the other players’ plugs. 


Kiran Society


Natural wood colour board

Inside the Package

1 wooden board, 18 dices (Mills)


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