Shape Puzzle



This smart toy is produced by disabled youngsters at the woodwork vocational training center across India.

Our products are especially made for educational purposes as they foster cognitive development.

  • The Child takes all different parts out of the board
  • Fits them back differentiating shapes, colour and number, on the board¬†
  • Advanced: All colours are put at the same level

This game is very useful for young children, about 2 years old. It provides them the opportunity to work with different colours and forms and to put them related to each other (Called: Sorting) back on the board.

It is also a fine motorical training to fit the different shapes according to the fixed sticks on the board and the pincer grip can be trained with the child.

This Preschool exercise for toddlers trains essential skills which are specially required for further learning in the field of Mathematics.

Weight 0.447 kg
Dimensions 16.5 × 5.5 cm
Material Type



Kiran Society




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