Soma Cube Pocket


Small version of 3D Soma Cube.

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It’s a Mathematical Phenomena!

The Soma-Cube is something like a puzzle. But unlike an ordinary puzzle , the Soma-Cube is a puzzle in the third dimension(3D). To do puzzles we need a sort of capability: Focusing on one piece but keeping the already inserted parts in our mind. We work focused but keep the whole in mind. There are lots of visual operations going on. At the beginning you will just try. Then slowly you will discover a systematic way to put the pieces together. It is getting more logic-your brain gets used in plan in the third dimension(3D). By making a mistake you will understand how far you have to go back to correct. You will also see that the start is of importance. This Game is very useful for developing:

  • Concentration
  • Hand-Eye coordination
  • Space relationship and the space concept

How it works:
If all 7 irregular solids (made by no more than 4 cubes) are put together in the correct way, they form a cube!


Natural Wood Colour


Kiran Society


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