Old Chinese cultured puzzle.

Arrange Me If You Can..!!

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Arrange Me If You Can..!!

This Game originated in China around 800 years ago. In Chinese this game is called “Wisdom Board” And “Seven Smart Pieces”. The game consists seven geometric shapes divided from one square. These pieces are used to lay figures this can be done 

  1. By Looking at the solution (B) and laying down the same shapes or
  2. By using the shadow- originals sheet (A) and trying to discover which forms were used.
  3. Or you can also use the pieces to find out shapes and forms of your own. 
  • This game is suitable for all children in classroom teaching, because there are many levels of difficulties.
  • Differentiation of forms and shapes. 

The field of learning which gets activated and trained: 

  •  Visual figure- ground splitting
  • Visual perception constancy
  • Hand- Eye Coordination and Eye-Muscle control
  • Space relationship 
  • Differentiating Forms and shapes
  • Discovering Coherence
  • Visual operating and implementing
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Kiran Society


Natural wood colour


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